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January 18, 2008 - 07:08 PM

Well baby, here we are, almost a whole year has passed and yet it feels like ten minutes. We are doing our thing everyday and it's good to stay busy. Dad is good he just misses you. I always had to listen to everyone this year talk about getting through the "firsts" but you know you are numb through those and I think the "seconds" would be worse but I told them that I miss you the same every day so there isn't any one more significant than the other(except your birthday...that one is hard). I try really hard to see you in my mind as you were not how you are but I know things....I know your wearing your favorite t-shirt under your sponge bob, I know you aren't wearing any shoes because you hated to wear shoes, I know you have your rice crispy bar and all your dvd's....I think of all these things sometimes and I'm glad that in my fog I didn't forget anything but most of all I know my lips are on your cheek and they'll always be there, know matter how many years go by.I love you punk

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