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February 03, 2009 - 09:13 PM
still your #1 fan

Hi Baby...I was just poking around and as usual I never go without stopping by and looking at your pictures.You know, sometimes I think I won't survive another minute and other times you are right here holding my cheeks the way you used to.I think to myself..what would I say if I had five minutes to see you but I think I would just squeeze you because I love you doesn't begin to cover it.I had your socks out again the other day.You were so small even though you were such a little man on the inside.We put a new door on the house and found your toys under the steps.I washed them all so they look new again and I have them in the window so I can see them when I do the dishes.Remember when you used to rinse for me and we would always have soap suds fights? I just miss you Ryan..I'm always missing you...every second....Love Mom

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