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October 13, 2009 - 01:41 PM

Happy Birthday pal!! You are 11 today and I bet would be taller than me already. We miss you punk and I wish I could just peek at you for a moment. As time goes on different things become more important than others and now if I could just see you for a moment that would be good enough. Some days when it gets hard again hugging you becomes more important but when things are ok I would be good just getting to see you smile. I know you hate mush so I won't give you anymore on your Birthday, I just Love you.... Dad and Heather miss you too. We talk about you EVERY day....Heather was talking yesterday about you throwing up your pinky finger cause you would get in trouble for the other one!!:)We are thankful you gave us SO MANY awesome things to remember about you. I hope Birthday parties in Heaven are as cool as you cause I'm sure your's is the best they've ever seen. I Love You Ryan and I miss you every second

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